Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can I book on line?
A- No, we do insist that you contact the owner to book directly with Jane. She will be happy to answer any questions and securely receive your private payment information

Q- Is there a cleaning fee?
A- No, we do not charge a cleaning fee. We do ask that your dishes are done, the counters wiped off and that everything is put back where it was and the house is left in a tidy condition, but we do not expect guests to vacuum or do laundry.

Q- Is bedding included?
A- Yes all beds will be made up and bathroom and kitchen towels provided.

Q- Are beach towels provided?
A- No please bring outside towels.

Q- Is there a damage deposit?
A- Yes, we do process a refundable damage deposit at time of the final payment. The deposit is $70. per night to a max of $490.
The damage deposit if returned back on to the guests credit card after your stay if there has been no damage and the house has been left in a tidy condition.

Q- Is the property directly on the water or across a road?
A- Yes, our property is direct walk on water front.

Q- Is the property private?
A- Yes, they are not overlooked. The lots are large and there are trees between our house and the neighbours. We do still expect that guests be respectful regarding noise.

Q- How do I get the key?
A- We have a local property managers that guests contact prior to their stay to arrange to have the keys left for them.

Q-What if there is a problem while we are staying at the house?
A- We have local property managers that are available to assist guests with any questions while staying. Also the owner is available by phone and email.

Q- Can I bring my pet?
A- Pets are accepted by approval when making your booking. There is a $50. per stay pet fee.

Q- Can I bring campers or tents for people to stay in at the property?
A- No we are sorry but we do not accept campers or tents to be used. Our maximum numbers of guests are not negotiable.

Q- Are there any facilities for a baby, do they cost extra?
A- Yes, we do have a cot and high chair available upon request at no extra charge.

Q- Is fire wood provided?
A- Yes, wood is provided, but we suggest you bring some newspaper. Please put out any unattended fires with water. Fires are subject to local fire bans.

Q- When is payment due and what type of payment is preferred?
A- 25% of the booking rate is due at the time of booking, the remainder plus the refundable damage deposit is due a month before the stay.
Preferred payment is by Visa and Master card. Part payment can be made by cheque with approval. Amex may be approved.